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Lisa Dinh is a University Innovation Fellow and student at Columbia University pursuing a degree in Human Evolutionary Biology.


Her background informs her love for and motivation in science communication, the arts, culture, and education. In terms of university innovation, Lisa's most valued endeavors have been: 

1. Spearheading a public health campaign leading her past university to being ranked #1 nationally in sexual health and giving 30,000 undergraduate students provisions from The Trojan Company.
2. Running a STEM magazine with design principles to profit $10K with which a recurring scholarship would be founded for underprivileged students.

Currently, Lisa's goals in life and career are to actively engage with the communities she is a part of, NYC and Columbia, --whether by scaling health and science literacy or by adding color, culture, and art. As a candidate for the University Innovation Fellows by Stanford's Design and Engineering School, Lisa hopes to encourage students to have a keen understanding of their developing brains. She believes through understanding neuroscience concepts such as the impact of meditation, fostering resilience, and neural plasticity, students may be empowered to improve their quality of living and be the best versions of themselves.