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Kushagra Saxena

Kushagra Saxena is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate studying in ABES Engineering College(AKTU). He has an excellent ability as a student for logical and intuitive thinking, Kushagra has proved himself to be a talented and brilliant student. He has exceptional skills when it comes to grasping the things and to solve problems related to them. He will always be valued for the remarkable contribution and the skill and the cognizance with which he presented his ideas. He has worked with a team as an iOS and backend developer and has done several live company projects. His activeness is also one of the proofs of his confidence and a quality as an initiator. He had also managed some stalls at the school fest and was a major team member in a Bio project at High School.

A good, wholesome personality coupled with leadership qualities makes him a remarkable asset for the team. His composure and alacrity wonderfully blended with his gregarious nature is a great source of motivation for the members of the team.

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