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Hi, I'm Evan and I am a nerd on a stick. My major is Computer Engineering so I love to code, write and play games, and surf the web full of memes. I also really enjoy music as it has became a passion of mine both to listen through headphones or to sing and play through a speaker. For clubs at my school, I am on the board for UD club baseball for the sport is one of my passions. I am apart of a Computer club called ACM. I am apart of a Feminism club on campus because I am one for equality. And lastly, I am apart of a Makers club on campus to promote my passion for tinkering and designing new things. For This Fellowship program, I want to leave behind a legacy. Whether it is my project or interaction with my teammates, I want to be known and to last as my example. To me, if you aren't remembered, you aren't unique enough.

I became a fellow for the University fo Dayton 2017 Cohort because I saw it as an outlet to let my ideas roam into my world. Which, by the way, is my world is everywhere I go. It could be my hometown, my college, or the communities I join into. I want those ideas of creativity and responsibility to encompass all who are around me. I want to help others and UIF gave me a gateway to do so. Some of my proudest accomplishments so far is my interaction with others and the team. We all seem like wonderful individuals and I can't wait to see us grow and become closer together in this idea driven journey.