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Khandker is a purpose-driven leader, who’s passionate about the future of education and building meaningful connections through empathetic and compassionate action.

Khandker is the Co-founder of Kids Ivy Tutors, an educational organization on a mission to teach the future of education by connecting passion, mentorship, and 21st-century skills and sponsored In-demand skills courses free of charge in schools. Through his work, Khandker has served over 2,000 students.

He's been recognized by Bloomberg, Forbes, United Nations, Clinton Global Initiative, Adecco, City College of New York, Intuit, Zahn Innovation Center, Stanford University, International Young Leaders Assembly and other major media platforms/ organizations for his work as a social entrepreneur and in The Future of Education.

Khandker was born in Bangladesh and grew up in New York City, Khandker is a first-generation City College of New York alum with a B.S. in Product Management and Social Entrepreneurship.

Driven by his passion for empowering youths, building community, and experience working with fortune 500 companies: Accenture, The Adecco Group, and Intuit, all before the age of 22, he's devoted to serving his community and impacting the future of education.