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Headshot of Innovator Kevin Collins Nelson.jpg
Kevin Collins Nelson
School (Cohort)
St. Augustines University (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Public Administration
United States


Kevin Collins Nelson is an innovator from San Diego CA, the son of a former sailor and construction manager he has always aspired to be someone who changes the world with creative sustainable solutions for everyone around and their problems. At age 10 he received his first lego kit and began years of independent design projects. Learning early that research was the key to designing new creation. He spent days reading about various cultures and structures in relation to those structures. In 2006 Kevin was a freshman as Kearny Construction Tech High school. CTA, now Innovation and Design Academy where the focus on the nuances of construction technology. During his time in High school he studied different trades in the construction field, his passion was digital design and architecture. Fascinated by the ability to look at reality and shape something new from it with purpose, Kevin devoted his time to understanding more about the process of crafting solutions and innovative design thinking. After graduating from CTA in 2010, he went on to obtain his bachelors in communications at Shaw University and now study for his masters in Public administration.


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