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Kass Farnum
School (Cohort)
The College of New Jersey (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Computer Science and Mathematics
United States of America


Hi, I'm Kass. I am a sophomore studying at The College of New Jersey in the USA. I grew up in a family of scientists but was the first of us to study computer science or mathematics. I love critical thinking and finding creative ways to engineer solutions to problems, big or small. That being said, I greatly value creativity and human connection. I want to perform as a jazz musician in the future and I work as an RA for freshmen because I love helping them grow into adulthood and find out who they are. I aim to fulfill my God-given mission through innovation, service, and fellowship. I believe that higher education should be reformed into a space where one's interests and passions can be intersected into a fusion of meaningful study.


First Year Computer Science Award

Presidential Scholarship

Dean’s List (Fall and Spring 2023)

Social media profiles

Instagram: @underscorekass