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Strategic Priorities for 2023 Cohort of The College of New Jersey

Diversity and Inclusion

Embracing a diverse student population, including those from non-traditional backgrounds, by recognizing and addressing variations in foundational knowledge and skills required for entry-level content. This priority focuses on providing tailored support and resources to ensure equitable access to education.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration


Enhancing interdisciplinary collaboration in curriculum development and implementation across different departments. This approach encourages the integration of knowledge and expertise from various disciplines to create a well-rounded and holistic educational experience.

Physical Infrastructure Enhancement


Addressing the need for physical, accessible, and dedicated spaces to foster innovation and critical thinking. By investing in appropriate infrastructure, we aim to create an environment that supports the development and execution of novel ideas, leading to the questioning and improvement of existing systems.

Enhancing Faculty-Student Relationships


Cultivating stronger, more meaningful connections between faculty and students, both professionally and personally, with the aim of enriching the higher education experience. This priority seeks to create a supportive and engaging academic environment that fosters mentorship, guidance, and personal growth.