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Kamineni Eswar Sesha Sai Completed his Bachelors of Technology   in Computer Science & Engineering, from Dhanekula Institute of Engineering and Technology, Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh in India. Eswar has represented his college, in various national level technical symposiums &Hackathon. To get a solution he analyses the problem from roots and gives out an elucidated answer. His passion and zeal on being Innovative are proved in the first year of engineering itself as he developed a start-up project ONE TOUCH E-GOVERNANCE. The government of Andhra Pradesh came forward to support his idea and offered him a job position in the Chief Minister's team for E-Governance. He was awarded as the best engineering student from then Honorable Cheif Minister of the state Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu. He has completed his internship in South Central Railway, Vijayawada. His open mind and is receptive to new ideas. His leadership potential, seriousness, and sense of responsibility made him class representative, co-ordination for R&D cell & various student clubs. He feels responsible for his work and can handle the pressure of deadlines very well. He is a student member of the computer society of India, IB hubs, various start-up incubation organizations. Eswar used to civically engage in activities. He likes and cares about helping others and sharing his experience with them. He has organized various seminars and workshops on entrepreneurship in his collage.   He is passionate to learn new innovative things and will be able to carry out works assigned to him independently as well as in a team. Eswar displays a penchant to learn new concepts. He was also selected as a delegate for Harvard Projects for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR-2019) Which was held at Harvard University from Feb 15-19,2019. He was the only delegated selected from Andhra Pradesh state for Harvard Conference 2019. Where he participated in various panels and addressed his views on Energy and Environmental Sustainability  

To reach him Email: eswarkamineni@gmail.com    Facebook: Click here

Twitter: Click here                                                    Connect him on LinkedIn

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