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Serving as UIF Since: Fall 2018

School: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 

What she does now: Working to get the new Kulwicki Garage complete

What that means: One of her project will be being built this summer!

Contact her about:  Environmental change projects, Thinker space design, time management 

Phone: (262)-470-7394 

Kate Jankowski is a senior (kinda) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee studying civil engineering with a focus on work in municipal. Kate has taken a semester off to work full time at an engineering firm. She will be working there again this upcoming spring as well extending her school, making her kinda a senior. 

In the UWM Engineering building, she is part of a team that is working on a project to renovate a not commonly used room within the engineering building into a Thinkerspace. The room is located adjacent to the Makerspace so UWM is transforming this room to be more versatile room to benefit students. The UWM UIF’s hope to have a study nook, a presentation area, and a workspace that can be used for the prototyping of projects.

While not in the engineering building, Kate spends her time competing with the Milwaukee Bowling Club. She travels around the nation, competing against other universities. She also spends time singing in the university choir. 

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