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Tung (Justin) Nguyen is a sophomore Computer Science major in Union College, Schenectady, New York. 

Justin defines himself as an adaptor. Coming from Hanoi, Vietnam, although only having lived in the USA for almost 2 years, his experience and understanding of the lifestyle and culture in America is very impressive.

Having a strong background in mathematics, logic and problem solving, Justin's professional interest lies within the fields of finance, investment banking and software developing. Justin's abilities and interests in the concept of entrepreneurship led him to having interned at a startup in his hometown Hanoi last summer: ViCare Corp the fastest growing hearth care platform in Vietnam, where he had to deal with real world assignments which changed his perspective on entrepreneurship forever, installing within him a more practical, technical but never less passionate on the startup scene. Justin believes that entrepreneurship is not about building a business, it's a way of life and an attitude, one which utilizes an individual's core values, beliefs as the fuel for whatever it is that this individual does. This combines with hard work (hustle), self-empowering stories, the correct strategy,  team of great people and patience will inevitably lead to success.

Recreational-wise, Justin loves working out, music, cinematography of any genres. He is a big fan of poker and has been playing it for more than 2 years and hopes to compete on the WSOP in the future.

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