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JulietaCaputo Profile.jpg
Julieta Caputo
School (Cohort)
Universidad Católica del Uruguay (2017 cohort)
Major in
Audiovisual Engineering

Julieta Caputo is a University Innovation Fellow in training. She is currently studying through the second year of a career specialized in Audiovisual Engineering, at Universidad Católica del Uruguay (UCU). She is an art lover and science enthusiast who would like, after university, to work on her own innovative projects combining technology, education and art. Julieta is also planning on deepening her studies in other areas such as educational recreation and visual arts.

For the last few years she has been working as a volunteer with kids from her community, making and being part of various educational and recreational activities, allowing her to discovering a love for education. At the moment, she remains part of this activities, keeps forming herself in this area, and started working as a teacher at Santa Elena School.

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