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Julia Knox is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student studying Markets, Innovation at Bucknell University. She has crafted her unique concentration of study in design thinking, by combining various social science and art courses. Julia was born and raised in northern New Jersey until the age of 10, when she moved to Singapore. While abroad, she became involved in many organizations such as Caring for Cambodia, discovering a deep passion for large-scale problem solving. When arriving at Bucknell University, excited to become just as immersed and involved as she was in Singapore, she sought out a variety of opportunities, including University Innovation Fellows. 

At Bucknell, Julia has worked a number of social media and marketing jobs for events and organizations on campus, which has familiarized her with the inner workings of the University. She is a Teaching Assistant for Management 101, mentoring a group of 25 students in their pursuit of a business and service project. Julia is also a student member on the Bucknell University Alumni Association and a Bucknell Dean’s Scholar.

After learning about innovation and design in her coursework, Julia has sought out leadership opportunities in these areas as a Fellow and beyond. In March 2019, she was invited alongside two other current fellows to present a workshop on design thinking. She is thrilled to be continuing these exciting ventures as a fellow. On top of design thinking workshops, she is passionate about inclusifying Bucknell’s culture by developing programs that foster relationships.