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Josh Hayslett is a University Innovation Fellow candidate and undergraduate student at Lipscomb University majoring in Finance. His focus studies are in Corporate Finance where it includes subsets of the financial industry such as corporate
finance, investment banking, and financial modeling. Although his school is in Nashville, he is a Memphis native, where he was very active in community development centering around economic empowerment. Josh originally went to East Tennessee State University, where Economics was his focus, but due to the excellent history in Finance Lipscomb had, he decided to transfer. 

At Lipscomb University, Josh is currently very involved on and off campus aside from the University Innovation Fellow program training. Organizations such as Finance Club, Collegiate 100, and working as a Chick-Fil-A catering driver. He has also completed internships that includes areas of corporate law, start-ups, and asset management. In his spare time, he offers assistance and guidance to students wanting know about the world of investing, entrepreneurship or the latest rising opportunities in business. 

While Josh was in high school, he grew a passion for economic empowerment while being an active member of various community organizations. He hopes to utilize his skills and professional experience in finance, to invest in firms or entrepreneurs who are economically marginalized based on their lack of generational wealth, academic achievements, or discrimination.


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