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Promoting student innovation and entrepreneurship

Lipscomb University has many different options for furthering entrepreneurial knowledge and experience. We have many different opportunities for students to intentionally engage in entrepreneurship and innovation on our campus, starting with the Entrepreneurship degree. Students can major in Entrepreneurship, which includes courses such as Entrepreneur Finance, Entrepreneur Marketing, and other ENT Special Topics Courses. Students may also choose to minor in Entrepreneurship, which includes courses such as Entrepreneurs Intro to Business, The Social Enterprise, or other Entrepreneurship related electives. Each of these courses are offered through Lipscomb’s Center for Entrepreneurship, which was founded in 2011 to provide students with more entrepreneurial opportunities on campus and in the Nashville community. 

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) are also promoted through on-campus clubs such as Collegiate Entrepreneurship Organization (CEO) or Baja Sae Team. Each of these on-campus organizations are student led, and offer students from many different areas of study the opportunity to engage in I&E on Lipscomb’s Campus. Though they are student-led, many faculty & staff members are heavily involved in these organizations, as they help students connect with individuals outside of the Lipscomb Community. Other I&E opportunities are shared with students through various newsletters that are sent out to students on a weekly or monthly basis. For example, the Office of Student Life sends out information about the many opportunities that students can engage in, some being directly I&E related, others being specifically recreational. Each college within the University sends out a newsletter to all of their students, advertising different opportunities student have to engage on and off campus. The College of Business, College of Engineering, College of Education, and many other departments each have unique opportunities to allow students to participate in I&E related activities.

Lipscomb also allows students to participate in many I&E related competitions and conferences. The Kittrell Pitch competition allows students from any area of study to pitch their business idea to a panel of judges, giving students the opportunity to win cash prizes to fund their entrepreneurial endeavors. 3 Day Startup also allows for learning and engagement for many students. This is a new addition to Lipscomb’s Center for Entrepreneurship, and is the next step being taken to grow and improve Lipscomb’s I&E ecosystem.

Lipscomb has several opportunities for hands-on, experiential courses that allow students to learn by doing. These courses are mainly offered in the College of Business and College of Engineering. They are offered to give students the chance to experiment with innovation and entrepreneurship, typically within the Lipscomb community on campus. These courses, however, may also offer students engagement with international experiences, such as communicating with startups in other countries, or going to visit startups across the globe.  

Encouraging faculty innovation and entrepreneurship

Many colleges and departments within Lipscomb University are recognized for their innovation.

  • College of Education prides itself on teaching students to be innovative educators, specifically through the Ayers Institute for Teacher Learning & Innovation
  • College of Business teaches innovation through leading edge business practices, specifically in the Center for Entrepreneurship.
  • College of Engineering educates their students to be innovative leaders among their peers and as they enter the industry. 
  • College of Pharmacy & Health teaches all students to lead with compassion and innovation, while being highly knowledgeable in their field. 

Each of these colleges on Lipscomb’s campus are highly intentional with their innovation. Dean’s of each college are looking to hire professors who are innovative thinkers, looking to improve, challenge, and grow in their areas of study. Faculty members are given opportunities to further their education, continually keeping an innovative mindset.

The story of Lipscomb is one of innovation, and the University has kept that value at the forefront of all academic endeavors. This value is instilled in and taught to students through the highly innovative professors all around campus. 

Facilitating university-industry collaboration:

Lipscomb’s Campus is highly collaborative with many different industries within the local community of nashville, but also in areas nationwide and worldwide. They partner with large industry leaders, along with smaller businesses that are innovating on a small scale. 

Students are offered several collaboration opportunities: 

-Internships:many majors require an industry-specific internship, which Lipscomb assists students to find. Because of its reputation in the city, hundreds of companies reach out to Lipscomb’s Career Development and Career Connection centers. These two on-campus resources work hard to get students plugged in with an internship that will challenge and grow them as they prepare for their careers. 

-Service Opportunities: One of Lipscomb’s values is service, specifically within the Nashville community. This means that students can connect with hundreds of companies through different service opportunities, in large groups, or just as an independent experience. This allows students to step into an industry for a few hours, for a day, or even consistently over a period of time. Though it is not a formal internship, Lipscomb’s service opportunities allow students to connect with industries they may not otherwise engage with. Because of Lipscomb’s reputation within the community, companies may have students on-site for a few hours, and end up connecting with students for a long-term opportunity.

-Alumni Connections: Lipscomb has an Alumni Relations Office that intentionally stays connected with alumni. These Lipscomb graduates are going out into hundreds of different industries, both near and far. The Alumni Relations office helps connect students to opportunities that alumni can help with.

Engaging with regional and local economic development efforts:

Being a small, liberal-arts school in the heart of Nashville, TN allows Lipscomb to have many connections with organizations & individuals in a highly innovative and entrepreneurial city. Students and faculty can both engage in regional and local development efforts through service opportunities (see “Facilitating University-Industry Collaboration”). Many organizations- large & small, for-profit & non-profit, private & public- come to Lipscomb for help and guidance in many different areas. Our faculty includes professors who have previous experience in a diverse range of professions- Aerospace Engineer to former Disney Animator. Because of this, people all over  Nashville are looking to Lipscomb faculty, staff, and students as the city faces challenges that require a highly innovative and entrepreneurial mindset.

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