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Josephine El Balaa is a postgraduate student studying Masters in Oral Surgery at Saint Joseph University of Beyrouth. Josephine is originally from Baalbak, but lived all her life in Hadath. After exploring her potential and interests at the faculty of dentistry for 5 years, she was exposed to the University Innovation Fellows thanks to one of her professors.

At Saint Joseph University of Beyrouth, Josephine is involved with the Independant movement and the University Pastoral work. In addition, she is committed to spiritual movements in parishes since the age of 6. Josephine has always been interested in music, arts and nature. She spends a lot of her time doing volunteering work with different NGOs. She strives to develop her personal skills and enrich her personal growth by taking workshops, seminars and participating in camps, despite the pressure of the academic schedule.

She is mostly inspired by the special health care needs population. Josephine hopes that she will one day be able to make a change concerning these people, and encourages and promotes as much as possible their inclusion in society. She would love to offer them free dental services, once her career is stable enough.

On her campus, Josephine tries to create bonds and connections with people around her. She is curious about everything she encounters and when there is a certain lack or problem, she tries to solve it. She encourages multidisciplinary work and believes in the power of a healthy team work, in succeeding in problem solving and innovation. Josephine aims to make students think outside the box and invest their potential in several different fields. She likes what is new and loves to work on enhancing the old, because it’s its origin.

Recently she is working at a private clinic and volunteering at another one as an oral surgeon. Joséphine is now conducting her thesis for graduation. She is the co-founder and the CEO of a junior entreprise on campus called UChange. This community aims to promote innovation and empower students to be changemakers. Joséphine has been able to work on projects through the UChange community by bridging the gap between alumni and students ( Alumni Meetups) and by collaborating with international partners. Joséphine is striving to best represent herself and to best inspire her peers. The motive behind her actions is "If not me, who? If not now, when?"

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