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Jordan Joines is an University Innovation Fellow that attends the Morgan State University pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering.  He is from Baltimore Maryland, where he attended Baltimore Polytechnic Institute(BPI) prior to attending Morgan State University.  At BPI, Jordan obtained an appreciation for mathematics, the natural sciences, artistic development, and creativity.

At Morgan State University, he takes on a very active role in the academic career of the student body at Morgan State University.  He is an active Lead Tutor for the Academic Enrichment Program with in the Office of Resident's Life & Housing.  He assist the students in learning mathematics ranging from Pre-Calculus to Calculus II.  

Jordan is a Maryland Space Grant Scholar and previous Ben Carson Scholar who has a passion for Engineering and Music.  His goal is to apply creativity and innovation to both of his passion to make a difference in the Engineering and Artistic Communities.

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Email: jojoi1@morgan.edu

Personal Email: jjoines96@gmail.com

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