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Jonathan Grubenmann is pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Design Management (also refered to as Strategic Design) at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences & Arts in Switzerland, Europe. He had chosen the above course of studies due to the global economy’s increasing interest for and understanding of strategic design. In combination with his prior KV Zurich Busniess School education, Jonathan is able to implement his knowledge in a logical and economical fashion.

In addition, Jonathan has been able to partake in a variety of projects, as he is known to be someone who can handle a lot of pressure. At his current workplace, a strategic consulting firm for companies  located in Zurich, Switzerland, Jonathan's superiors encourage his entrepreneurial spirit and therefore gave him the opportunity to function on a strategic level of the company. His most recent successes in the company include helping to refine and strengthen the company's vision, strategy and brand as well as developing their new service product TAMANDUA SIGMA™ and polishing the companies skill set by facilitating internal workshops.

When Jonathan is not skateboarding at contests for his sponsor, Blue Tomato, Europe, the topics he explore during his free-time include Innovation, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Branding and Human-Centered Design.

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