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Jonathan Garcia, a freshman, is an aspiring entrepreneur, social innovator and investor studying Finance at Menlo College. As an ambitious young man, his goal is to pursue the avenues needed to ensure the inclusion of all societies in the basic needs of our mankind by designing a philanthropic platform to make a significant difference in his lifetime. Jonathan is originally from San Diego, CA where he attended Saint Augustine High School. As a young child, he was described by others as an “anomaly” spending countless hours self-studying finance, investments, unmet customer need and innovative ideas. With his family’s support and his own great ambitions, he solidified his future entrepreneurial path by attending the National Student Leadership Program on Business & Entrepreneurship at Yale University. He is a graduate of Concordia University’s Teen Entrepreneurship Academy and has participated in the Citi Bank Business Competition. His greatest accomplishment thus far is receiving the “Eagle Scout” Award in 2017.

Jonathan is also a true philosopher and has studied the great books through his participation in the St. Mary’s “Talk back to Socrates” Program. His many experiences have radically shifted his world view and streamlined his life into three areas of interest: analyzing the abstract thought needed to understand the difference philosophies of the global world, addressing the issue of income equality to benefit the greater good, and a quest for positive world influence. With high energy, he works every day to become his best self to be able to accomplish these goals. He is honored to now be a UIF candidate and is interested in bringing trade room opportunities and a greater entrepreneurial mindset to his college campus.