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Jignesh Karetha
School (Cohort)
Kingston University Business School (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Master of Business Administration
United Kingdom


Jignesh Karetha is pursuing a Master's degree in Business and Administration at Kingston University in London. He is a very energetic and active person. He is also passionate about Design Thinking, Innovation, and environmental issues.

He has the ability to start things off, plan events, and contribute to the team's success. He possesses good leadership skills, which enable him to contribute to teamwork. His progress is defined by the way he displays attention to detail, enthusiasm, and a desire to learn.

He believes in a philosophy to live by :"I am a Student of Life, and don't want to miss any experience. There's poetry in this sort of thing, you know -- or perhaps you don't know, but it's all the same - H.P. Lovecraft, Old Bugs ". It reminds us that we have so much more to learn, the more we will become aware of how much more there is for us to learn.

To be continued...


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