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2022 Cohort Student Priorities:

Project 1:

The Life Skills Workshop: Priorities -

- Collect Primary and Secondary data and skills students may be interested in.

- Contact Local Businesses or Kingston Alumni with specific skill sets interested.

- Record attendance of events to measure popularity of each course.

- Advertise on every campus to collect interest.

- Contact KU Union for advertising assistance.

Project 2: Digital Detox

Undertaken by Fellow: Priyanshi Kedia, who realised that majority of students scroll through their social media during classes. She suggested the idea of Digital Detox in university classrooms by encouraging students to use pen and paper instead of electronic devices for in-class activities. The overall aim of this activity is to tap into students' inner creativity and supplement their critical thinking skills with creative thinking. This approach can be incorporated into courses through in class group or individual tasks and by combining those traditional research methods with knowledge gained through assignments and courses.

Project 3:

Learn and Practice -

- Source the information about what students wants to practice.

- Converting Theory knowledge in to Practical.

- To get the exact practical application as mentioned in the theory.

- Promote the event through module experts.

- Collect Feedback and improve.

Project 4:

Common student engagement platform / Networking zone -

- Consider our why and work from there.

- Don’t ignore the digital divide(Focusing not just on the user but also on design is part of digital literacy.)

- Work in collaboration with our univrersity  community.

- our work should be data-driven, and your data should be experience driven.

- Being agile and responsive.