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My Personal Brand: Hard-working, caring, and outgoing

Hi, My name is Jessica Innis, and I am a UIF fellow for Smith College. I am a Chemistry major and an Economics minor. My interests include art, music, dance, and food. I am just your friendly entrepreneur ready to storm the world with social change!

I am currently working on a digital media project to promote and empower black women. I hope to later scale this to a full business. I am very interested in entrepreneurship, and I want to create a company with purpose. With design thinking and innovation, I belive that it is possible. 

I am grateful for the friendships I have made in the UIF circle such as Amanda Lavond, Yi Wang, Lingxuan Li, and Mandira Marambe. And we are grateful to be from a liberal arts college, as it has been proven to be an advantage. 

I'm excited to see where we will go from here as part of UIF. 

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