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Jennifer Sommer is an University Innovation Fellow at University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA. She works with the Epicenter at Stanford University and Venturewell (formerly NCIIA) to expand the Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem on campus.

She is currently a sophomore Computer Science and Business major. In pursuing this dual degree, Jennifer hopes to broaden her higher education with interdisciplinary learning and collaboration between schools. She is also a water polo player, short filmmaker, and piano player.

Jennifer has participated in robotics research and growth through her work at 5D Robotics. She interned for Habitat for Humanity this past year and worked towards strengthening their online presence. Through her varied work, she aspires to change the way we look at autonomous solutions, working to make life easier and robotics more user friendly.

Jennifer is currently working on an app start up with a small team and hopes to continue her entrepreneurial endeavors in the future. Jennifer has a passion for both technology and business. She is enthusiastic about her upcoming projects and the way that technology opens up education and creates less of a gap for learning across the globe. Jennifer is working with a business organization on campus, Professional Business Leaders, to help students on campus get excited about business and the opportunities it presents. She is extremely excited to be an University Innovation Fellow and take her innovative projects to new levels.

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