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Short Bio:

An education entrepreneur and experience designer, Jeff Niu is the co-founder and now board advisor of the China Youth Business League—an experiential learning platform that enables students across in China to discover business through competitive simulations and conferences.

A native of Flushing, NY, and frequent resident of Beijing, Jeff has always been deeply connected to his roots in China. Since 2013, he has designed or advised numerous youth leadership programs in both North America and Asia, including XINnovation: Identity of Innovation in China, Wharton China Youth MBA Institute, and the Columbia World Leaders Forum.

As a Yenching Scholar at Peking University, Jeff is currently researching the role of design in bolstering China’s innovation quotient in education. He earned his BA from Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris.

Outside of work, Jeff enjoys a good adventure, both in the wild and on the big screen. At home, you can usually find him in kitchen cooking and dancing with his dog Almond. He hopes to open a hidden teahouse in Beijing’s hutongs—soon!

LinkedIn: [1]