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Jeanne Graessle is junior mechanical engineering student at Ohio Northern University. She joined University Innovation Fellowship because had always been interested in learning and enjoying the spaces where that took place. Previously, she was majoring in Engineering Educat

ion because she wanted to be apart of the learning environment but found it was not rewarding. She found that UIF allows her to be involved in the education process to feel that sense of fulfillment.

She spent most of her childhood actively inquiring about the world around her. She didn't quite understand it fully, but that didn't stop her from tinkering with whatever she could get her hands on. Jeanne spent much of her time contemplating how the machines around her work. When the light bulb in her head went off that she could have a career that fit her interests, she got to work on outlining her path to being an engineer.

At Ohio Northern, Jeanne is actively participating in Human Powered Vehicle, Dean’s Team, Aero Team, President’s Club, and works at the school library. Jeanne’s had experience redesigning spaces. As a freshman, she was involved in ION (Innovators of Ohio Northern) and participated with another fellow, Alexandra Seda, to help redesign a learning space on campus. This experience led her to find UIF and indulge in something she’s passionate about. 

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