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Jaymie Marie Velasquez is a University Innovation Fellow from the Spring 2015 cohort. She was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  As a LOVER of learning and knowledge, she has spent her undergraduate career being inspired by all different kinds of people from all walks of life. She was fortunate to complete a large portion of her foreign languages degree in Costa Rica, where she developed a profound love of engineering principles and solving real world problems such as safe transportation and clean drinking water.  She is by nature a literary mind, and at some point aspires to get a graduate degree in literature or Chicano studies, but at the moment is finishing up her Bachelor's of Science in Chemical Engineering.

Starting the NMSU Aggie Innovation Space from the ground up, and working as an undergraduate technical intern at Intel Corporation has enhanced her passion for student engagement outside the classroom, and has taught her that the true value in education extends much farther than the confines of a lecture hall.

At this point, she is uncertain as to what her next step will be upon graduation, but is deeply passionate about STEM education, curriculum instruction, technology development, and will endeavor to pursue excellence while helping others achieve success in whatever ways possible.

"The most powerful weapon on Earth is a human soul on fire."
-Marshall Ferdinand Froch

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