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Jason Diab
School (Cohort)
American University of Beirut (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Computer and Communications Engineering



I'm Jason, a hard-working, passionate engineering student from Lebanon. With just that out of the way, you'll either know nothing about that tiny country I live in, or know A LOT. We've had our fair share of unfortunate events in the past two years (feel free to google it I won't spoil it all here!) to overload the whole global pandemic everyone is dealing with, and I believe being Lebanese has shaped who I am as person immensely. Resilience and perseverance are probably the most notable, as well as being resourceful and creative to properly enjoy and live in this messy country I call home (and love!!).

Back to me, I'm a student and software engineer intern during the day, and a fun outgoing guy in the night! I enjoy some hiking, app development, road trips, taking apart old tech and unleashing my creativity in digital or traditional drawing/design. Quite the combo I must say.

A big part of who I am is defined by the year and a half spent volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician with the Lebanese Red Cross. I learned a lot of invaluable first aid and first responder skills but most importantly, I developed my teamwork skills while dealing with stressful situations on the ground. Trusting my colleagues and truly believing in teamwork was a big revelation in this experience.

When it comes to my involvement in my university, I am the Head of the mentor program at the Office of International Programs where I'm leading a team of 31 mentors to ease the integration of International Students into the AUB and Lebanese communities by providing guidance and rich cultural experiences. Representing the university as the first point of contact with the International students' body would be the quick explanation behind it.

I'm also partaking in a research project pertaining to my cultural heritage; Developing a text-to-speech system for the Phoenician Language, spoken by the (old) locals back in the days. Fun fact! Phoenicians were the first to introduce the alphabet to the world.

With that out of the way, I'm here aiming big and high!! Looking forward to truly make an impact and shape higher education through my involvement as a university innovation fellow.


- UI Fellow!!!!

- Head of the OIP mentor Program.

- Software Engineer Intern at Bending Spoons, Milan.

- Deans High Honor List student.

- Red Cross Rescuer.

- Undergraduate Research Assistant at my university.

- Participant, Chair, Representative, Coordinator at Multiple MUN conferences nationally and internationally.

- Happy and Content.

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