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Jae is a passionate, sincere and action-oriented student who seeks to find synergy between her interests in engineering and management. She values technology-enabled developments, in which technology is applied to solve problems and create a bigger impact within business contexts. Jae particularly loves meeting people and learning from them. Jae's background as an international student from South Korea, along with her study abroad experience in South Africa, has given her a global exposure and opened her eyes to different cultures and perspective

Jae studies chemical engineering at Bucknell University, and her research interests are targeted drug delivery and nanoindentation math modeling. Outside of her academic work, Jae is a leader in multiple organizations and an agent of positive change to Bucknell student experiences and campus climate. As the student co-chair of the Committee on Campus and Student Life, Jae works with students, faculty and administration members to promote an active, diverse, enriching Bucknell community and to further the intellectual and personal aims of a Bucknell education. Jae serves as the captain of the Chem E Car team, an interdisciplinary team of 50 students, that builds a car that runs and stops on chemical reactions. Additionally, Jae serves as a Residential Advisor of a residence hall with an international theme, where she intiates the culture of community, safety, and diversity..

Jae is fearless in putting her knowledge into actionable plans that create lasting impact. With her interest and passion in social entrepreneurship, Jae seeks to empower those with less exposure and opportunities to not only use technology but also drive innovations, by closing the gap between innovative technology and its application. Jae believes that innovative technology reveals its true purpose when wielded by those most in need.