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Jade Johnson is a University Innovation candidate at the University of Tulsa. She is a third-year anthropology and biology undergraduate. She has a passion for finding links between what most consider purely scientific and our cultural environment and hopes to integrate this practice into her future medical career. Jade currently works as an assistant teacher at an after-school program called the Youth Mentoring Program. Many of the students in this program come from low-income families, in which the children might not receive much attention due to parents’ work responsibilities. She is incredibly grateful to be able to work with and build relationships with these kids so that they might have another person with whom they can talk to and rely on. Jade’s previous work experience has been in similar areas and she wishes to continue making a difference in children’s lives as a pediatrician.

Jade also works with the NOVA program at the University of Tulsa which is an organization in which students lead projects to create change and initiate innovation on campus. She is helping organize a new program called NOVA kids to help spread design thinking to elementary students. Jade is also a co-caption for the first all-female club sport on campus, women’s ultimate frisbee. She joined the first year it started and quickly became interested in growing the club and sharing her love for the sport. In these extracurriculars, she has learned much about leadership and teamwork, and the incredible things that can be accomplished when both work in tandem. Through both, she met other undergraduates who have participated in UIF and have shared their accomplishments. They inspired her to join the program and set new goals for generating change on campus.

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