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Ian Sikora is a Sophomore Chemical Engineer at University of Dayton. He is an avid runner, swimmer, and cyclist with side interests in camping, hiking, and many more. Starting young Ian’s interests were drawn quickly to the studies of chemistry, problem solving, and leadership, constantly looking to be the line leader in elementary school, trying to solve puzzles or think of abstract problems with equally abstract solutions.

Throughout highschool, Ian bounced between going to med school or going for a degree in engineering. However, a love for design and an extreme disinterest in going to school for another ten years led him to choose chemical engineering. While attending the University of Dayton Ian’s brother, Brian Sikora, was selected, applied, and became a UIF fellow for University of Dayton. Upon learning about the University Innovation Fellows, their mission, and how they bring tangible change to campus, Ian began the path that lead him to becoming a UIF fellow.