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Hoda Ganji is a University Innovation Fellow at Universiy of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Hoda studies PhD in Architecture. She is trying to make a bridge between architecture and engineering and that is how her research is oriented. Her area of specialization is to survey energy-related subjects on the envelope of the building. These subjects include energy usage reduction, thermal comfort, heat transfer issues, and heating and cooling loads. She has ideas in her mind based on her architecture background, while she is trying to realize them by learning the basics borrowed from the engineering school. She enjoys experiencing new things and combine them with her current knowledge.

Hoda has two main interests regarded with academic and professional ambitions: Science and teaching. She likes surveying scientific issues in architecture and she loves teaching. She hopes to become a researcher and instructor in the field of sustainable architecture. In her point of view, being innovative is quite necessary for Architectural research and education. In the era of virtual advances, using innovative approaches, which maybe was not possible before, is not only helpful but also essential in communicating with the students.

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