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Hitaarth Jainn
School (Cohort)
VNR Vignana Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Computer Science and Business Systems Engineering


I am a very fun loving guy, with a zeal to help everyone whenever possible. I take up challenges and make sure that I give the best of what I have got. I am a very sincere, proactive, honest, humble and obedient child, also pushing my fellow mates in accomplishing tasks, by making sure that my convincing is taken positively by everyone, giving them a reason to smile. Also my passion towards music and table tennis is immense, I am a proper team contributor by making sure that there are no differences of inferiority and superiority between any of my team members, so world becomes a beautiful place to live in. I also promote people who lack interest in contributing to the work, by respecting and treating their problem as my own. I've always been nice to all the teachers and my fellow mates. I've got an attitude that will probably make me reach the zenith of my success. I have always been very punctual and have never been the cause of indiscipline, nor have I ever given a reason of complaint to anyone. My dedication and spreading love towards things produces positivity and essence of accomplishment of a particular task. My parents have always been supportive and understanding, and always look forward to listening upto the suggestions. I've the spirit in me that makes me feel I can achieve my goals and ambition. My ambition is to become a music composer by using my knowledge of computer science, business systems, electronics and instruments to give musicians and instrumentalists equal opportunities. I am a person who is a little sensitive and emotional towards things, but I know how to rise, shine and fight back. I have more of a "never give up" kind of passion towards things. I also try finding several ways in accomplishing a particular task without any time delay. I have got all the qualities that are required to make an impact and positive change in the world. I have provided the best of the information that I know so far.


1) State level WINNER @ IPSGM for Table Tennis (Singles), Runner up (Doubles). 2) Participant @ South Zone National IPSGM tournament as Captain of Telangana(India) for the Table Tennis event. 3) Participant and District level WINNER @ Samskruthi College of Engineering for Table Tennis (Singles), Runner(Doubles). 4) Participant and Winner @ various sports meets since 2012 in the field of table tennis (CBSE Cluster, Agha Khan Sport Meet, YMCA etc) 5) Participant and Winner at several music competitions, singing and playing the guitar instrument along with it. 6) Part of Crescendo music band (governed by my college)

Social media profiles

Email : hitaarthjainn2000@gmail.com Instagram username : wtf.hitt