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Hema Sai Ari
Hema Sai Ari is a University Innovation Fellow Candidate from KL University. He is a graduate with a Master's in Business Analytics and Information Systems from the prestigious University of South Florida. Hema Sai Ari also holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from K L University, India, showcasing a well-rounded educational background and a commitment to excellence in both business analytics and mechanical engineering. He is the silver medalist of 2017 - Mechanical engineering batch. He worked as a Data Analyst in Vunique Solutions and also worked as Junior Data Engineer in Centurion Software Solutions. He is a passionate learner, explorer and self-directed with the ability to learn and adapt. Hailing from the city Guntur, Andhra Pradesh he got to live in 3 cities and never restricted himself within the stereotypic boundaries both physically and mentally. Being an amateur from his childhood he has been an active part of many curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities winning many competitions, the most notable being the Winning team of E-Bike racing challange 2019 and the member of Semifinalist team of Asian e-bike racing challange 2019.

Hema got involved in the University student activities early in his first year and has been extensively working for them since then. Being a member of Department Academic Commitee he always contributed his valuable suggestions and ideas to develop the students learning methodology which helps his juniors and peers to cope up with and learn the fast moving technologies and trends. He is the technical cheif of electric bike manufacturing team named Team Gavisti and the vice captain of formula car manufacturing team named Team Garuda Racing and the technical head of the student body of mechanical engineering department named MESA.  He worked as a technical head for techno fest named Yantrik .He is one of the heads of organising team for Campions of champions 2020. He is also a member of Center of Innovation, Incubation and Enterpreneurship and he had organised and participate in various entrepreneurial events. Apart from his student life, he is working as a Vision Guardian for a non-profit named Make A Difference, which is one of India's top 10 greatest places to work for, according to a survey. He is working there as a Fundraising volunteer for the city of Guntur. A MADster is what he calls himself with a lot of pride.


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