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Harsh Vibhuti
School (Cohort)
St Edwards University (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Mathematics and Computer Science
United States


I'm an enthusiastic college student with a passion for Mathematics, Engineering and Science. I work as a Teaching Assistant and Math Lab Tutor in the Department of Mathematics, School of Natural Science at St. Edward's University and as an Audio Visual Specialist in the Office of Information Technology at St. Edward's University. Additionally, I'm involved with Physics Research with my Physics professor, Dr. Paul Walter, School of Natural Science at St. Edward's University.

I am a Physics and Space enthusiast passionate about engineering, science, aerospace, and software development. My primary goal is to collaborate with like-minded individuals to create innovative products and ideas that have a significant impact on the future of science, technology and humanity. Let's connect and work towards a better tomorrow through the power of collaboration and innovation.


Outstanding First-year student in Mathematics 2022-2023

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