Priorities:St Edwards University Student Priorities

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Collaborative Spaces on Campus

  • Interview demographically different students to get an idea of who we need to prioritize tailoring these spaces to.
    • Find out what they need to encourage them to go to collaborative spaces more & what's missing.

Mental Health Awareness

  • Understand the landscape of students who utilize the mental health resources.
    • From that discover how people found out about these resources.
    • How was the schools marketing of these resources affective in these cases?
  • From those examples how can we make the marketing more effective.

Makerspace Re-Opening

  • Prototype strategies to make resources like this feel more accessible to people of all majors.
  • Showcase the multidisciplinary potential of a makerspace.
  • Prove it's value by gathering a team to produce a tangible product.

Extended Library Hours

  • Prototype to prove it improves student retention to the school (instead of transferring) and thus pays off the university.
  • Find ways to make it doable with less intensive requirements on staffing (only require ID to get in, no staffing?).
  • Prove that increasing hours in the library is helpful for collaboration and study.