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Hareesh Kumar is pursuing his major in Computer Science Engineering from Dhanekula Institute of Engineering &
Technology, Vijayawada. He is cherished and all around lovely person. He is very innovative and generally came up with intelligent questions during the regular class work which made us awesome. He has shown himself to be an honest, hard-working and personal individual. He was an active participant in all technical discussions and activities, encouraging an environment of inclusion for all other students all well. He was adept at fostering healthy discourse in small groups of peers as well as effortlessly capturing the attention of larger groups. He represented our college, in a technical fest, with his talent he made all of us proud of him. He has excellent command over English and apart-from being studious in his academic work. He is an enthusiastic participant in technical quizzes. His enthusiasm and commitment to the society is really impressive. He has an ability to rapidly grasp and perceive new concepts. His research orientation and strong inclination towards his field of interest will help him make significant contributions to his field. With a well impressed personality coupled with leadership qualities, will make him an asset to any team he may work with. His aplomb and alacrity wonderfully blended with suitableness will be a great source of motivation for the members of the team he is in.



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