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HanSung (also goes by the name Eric) is a second-year Mechanical Engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His interests include space exploration, sustainability, renewable energy, design thinking, information technology and politics. He is always seeking opportunities to meet new people and gain different perspectives on issues. His goal in life is to become an entrepreneur that leads innovation, but also advocates for social causes. 

HanSung is a prototyping at the Invention Studio at Georgia Tech, the only entirely student-run university makerspace in the US. He trains new users of the makerspace to use the tools provided in the space and advises them on how to go about making their prototypes. He enjoys working with people to create prototypes and see ideas come to life.

In addition to working at the makerspace, HanSung works as a workshop and curriculum designer at the Innovation and Design Collaborate at Georgia Tech (also known as the ‘Design’ Bloc’). As a part of this, he creates and runs workshops for the club Design for America on his campus, where he teaches people about design thinking and how to apply design thinking to social problems within the community.

In his free time HanSung likes to make random toys with 3D printers, play video games, and play tennis. One of his goals is to travel to as many countries as possible in his life and to achieve that, he will be studying abroad in France for Fall 2018.

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