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Gopi Venkata Krishna is pursuing his bachelors of technology in Computer Science Engineering from Dhanekula Institute
of Engineering and Technology. He thinks that being in a particular stream doesn’t mean that we are fixed to a boundary. He tries to know about new things and he is an all time learner. He is also a good leader. His leadership qualities make him to lead the team towards success. He is a bookworm and became the Library committee member in the college. The way he thinks and analyses a situation will be quite different from others making him unique. With his concern towards society, he started a group called UNITING HANDS where they help the old age people and orphans. He is an active participant in all the technical and non technical events conducted in and around the college. He is a member of many organizations and works on the projects till he reaches the terminus.  He is a good motivator and singer. He has a strong dream to be an entrepreneur.

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