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Georgina Fakoukaki
School (Cohort)
Foothill College (2021 cohort)
Majoring in
Social Welfare
California, USA


My name is Georgina Fakoukaki and I am a sophomore student at Foothill College. I moved to the US from Athens, Greece at the age of fourteen, a quite game changer for my life journey. Despite the struggles I faced from a cultural and personal standpoint with my move to America, it also nurtured my personal and professional development; it changed the way I perceive the world. Within 2 years, I was offered 3 internship positions, many leadership roles, and the best volunteering opportunity of my life. After graduating from high school, I pursued a gap year in Puerto Rico with a group of 11 people whose goal was to transform the public educational system through the adoption of design thinking. And because I am a dance teacher, I had the honor of running a dance class with our partnering high school there. All in all, I can now say that I don't have one home, but three (and the number will keep growing). I don't have one reality anymore but many, a phenomenon that makes my life so adventurous and multifaceted; I thus identify as a global citizen more than ever. I love connecting with people from diverse backgrounds on an interpersonal level and I believe in the charisma of empathy and solidarity and their effect towards a better tomorrow. My mindset is to always strive for a better world, a more unified, interconnected world!


Program Director of CDTIE (Center for Design Thinking and Innovation in Education) Co-founder of MIND.T (consultancy/innovation advocate online) Speaker at InnovationID 2020 Conference Intern at San Mateo County Office of Education Intern at DES Architects + Engineers Intern at Roblox 1st position at Collab Dance Comp Bay Area 2017

Social media profiles

Facebook: Georgina Fakoukaki Instagram: mindesign.thinking