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George Dai (or in Chinese: 戴正)is a entrepreneur and undergraduate student from Peking University. George named himself George after the British poet George Gordon Byron to remenber his spirit of idealist passion and ironic will to make a change for the society. The life-term mission of George Dai is to behave as a change manker. He totally agrees with the spirit and goal of the UIF program and he is willing to try his best to make this program a impactful change in the I&E ecosystem of Peking University with the other three of the team with the help of their faculty champion. 


Methodology of Innovative thinking:

In the summer vacation of 2017, inspired by the doucument encouraging I&E by the ministry of education of China, George organized a social practice team and led the team to many universities in western China in order to make a survey about their education system for I&E. He found that many University focus on the entrepreneurship part. After communicating with other practice teams, he found that this is not only a problem of western china but the whole country. However, the methodology of INNOVATION is what we need in china now. George had been considering how to be innovative for nearly a year until he found the UIF program and took part in the training.

Make a change from ourselves:

George has been eager to become a real change maker since he was a high school student. As a high school student, he thought it's not enough to be a excellent student if the students only focus on preparing for the entrance exams and only got high grades. So he organized a students association called thilliant (which means think brilliantly) and published a maganize to call up the students to pay attention to the surronding social issues. When George came to Peking University, he noticed that when most students were dealing with social practice, they only tried to know more about the study instead of making a change for the society by themselves. So, George organized a start-up in order to attach this problem and help the students get prepared for the society. When he wached one of the UIF videos and heared The best way to know about something is to change it, he thought he can't agree more with the spirit of this program.

Education Background:

Undergraduate Student, Financial Mathematics, Peking University, From 2015 to Present

Double Major Undergraduate Student, Philosophy and Religious Study, Peking University, From 2017 to Present

Exchange Student, Business, University of California Berkeley, 2017

Attending the training of the UIF program now. 


Founder of Beijing Siming Technology, co, ltd.

Team Leader of the social practice team for Lanzhou of Peking University in 2017.

Team Leader of the silk road eagle education project in 2017. 

Interior minister and journalist of Peking University Gazette.

Founder of Lanzhou thilliant students' association union.

Founder of thilliant stiudent's association of the High School attched to North West Normal University of China.

Other Resources:

Lindkin Profile of George Dai: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zheng-dai-822853139/?locale=en_US

Wiki of Peking University: http://universityinnovation.org/wiki/Peking_University