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Gabriela Gonjon is a first year architecture undergraduate at The City College of New York. She is currently in training to become a University of Innovation Fellow. She has strong interests in learning more about the absence of women in STEM and entrepreneurship. Her love for problem solving and design thinking has lead her to the Zahn Innovation Center at the City College of New York where she learned about the University of Innovation Fellowship. Her passion for the people around her has made her eager to introduce change on her campus and all of her surroundings.

At the City College of New York, Gabriela has learned a lot about the world of entrepreneurship, design thinking, and the lean startup under the Zahn Innovation Center. Gabriela has been an ambassador and an intern for their business incubator. She has become the secretary of the Entrepreneurship club this year as well. Her love for STEM and Innovation has taken her to multiple hackathons as well such as, HackPrinceton, MusicHachathon, and the Nestle Shield Hackathon.

Since childhood, Gabriela has always been a curious and competitive girl. Her eagerness to learn more than face value about the world around her has made her challenge the problems she encounters. As a strong and natural communicator, Gabriela loves people, can handle situation on her feet, and enjoys helping the people around her.