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UI/UX Designer, Computer Engineering Third Year Student, Musician, Innovator and Entrepreneur

Fabián Vélez Vicente, also known as “Favo”, is a 20-year-old man that was born in a small and humble town in the center of Puerto Rico called Cidra. Fabián is a versatile, creative, responsible, leading and hardworking professional that fuses these traits with extensive knowledge and experience in computer engineering, UI design, UX design, front-end web development, public speaking, business, music, and entrepreneurship to excel at designing, developing, and implementing production level web experiences, software, business models and business solutions for a wide range of companies and projects. These traits, knowledge, and experiences are a result of his current third-year studies in computer engineering, working for multiple big and small companies in many different positions, participating and winning many "hackathons" and I&E related events and his constant search for knowledge that has led him to self-teach many skills and learn many things. Throughout all these years and experiences, he has worked on many projects that have impacted thousands of people around the world.

Fabián Vélez truly believes that every single person has the power to create the better future that we would all want for ourselves and our loved ones and that every problem has a solution. Fabián lives every day with this mindset and is constantly working to combine the unlimited power that technology offers us and fuse it with his best knowledge, expertise, and abundant teamwork with other great people, such as yourself, to build this better future that we all want and try to solve the different problems that emerge in our world. Looking forward to working with you!