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Ethan Burd
School (Cohort)
St Edwards University (2023 cohort)
Majoring in
Computer Science


Hello, I am Ethan Burd, a creative, an entrepreneur, and an engineer. I’m studying Computer Science at St. Edward’s University.

I’ve taken time off of school to discover that somehow, there’s always something new that excites me. I’m not particularly captivated by one thing. I value learning and I value relationships with people. I think I’m just captivated by the world!

Recent endeavors I have found myself motivated by: a two story treehouse as a social space for the people I love, a robotic crane arm with a microcontroller to train my dog, a laminar flow hood to create a sterile lab space for cultivating gourmet mushrooms, and most recently a backgammon board cast of epoxy resin.

My goals and path have varied and changed through the course of my life. Not knowing my path has been a large source of stress for me. I still struggle not knowing where I’ll end up, but have learned a lot about self respect and self trust in the process.

For all I know, I could graduate with a degree in fine arts! But one thing is for sure, I love working with my hands to influence the world and the people around me.


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