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Ethan Bensman

Ethan Bensman is a University Innovation Fellow from Cincinnati, Ohio, currently studying Computer Science at Clemson University. Innovation has always been something he's passionate about--whether he's being fulfilled by making something himself, or inspired by someone else, Ethan wants to be inolved in the process. His favorite personal project is a feature-based filter learner he built with TensorFlow the summer after his freshman year of college.

His classes keep him pretty busy, but outside of those, Ethan's main commitments are to hackathons and research. Currently assistant director of CUhackit, Clemson's only major hackathon, if you see him on his laptop not coding, he's probably "slacking" someone about some aspect of the event. Alternatively, when he is coding, he's probably working on his bioinformatics research, or trying to script something in python to improve his laziness. In the remainder of his free time, he really enjoys going out to play soccer or basketball with his friends.

In the future, Ethan hopes to land a software engineering job at a major California tech company (Google, if you're reading this, call me!). He hopes to one day create something that not only makes him happy, but others too, probably in the realm of genetics. In the meantime, if you've got any cool projects or missions to make campuses more innovation friendly, reach out to him at ethan.bensman@gmail.com!

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