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Esteban Ramirez
School (Cohort)
Menlo College (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
United States
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Esteban Ramirez, or for people who have a hard time pronouncing it, Junior is an easier name to use. After participating in successful art shows within the lowrider community his sophomore year of high school, he started marketing his photography business, doubling the amount of traffic on Instagram. This opened doors towards shooting for music artists, food businesses, and publications for different magazines. As fun as those are, Esteban enjoys the storytelling aspect you're able to create for weddings and quinceañeras. Photography led him to pursue marketing as his major at Menlo College, where he's aspiring to be a Market Research Analyst afterwards.

Outside of projects he's hired for, Esteban never takes a camera anywhere. Living in the moment rather than watching it through a camera will always feel more amazing to him. Since his hippie side is already starting to come out, he's super in love with plants and animals. Currently, he's outlining a simple, sustainable, and affordable hydroponics kit that people would be able to incorporate inside their homes for year round growth. Esteban's love for animals on the other hand, has to do with the multiple animals his family has as pets. Also being vegetarian probably has something to do with it as well. Regardless, if you're with him and an animal walks by, be prepared to greet them in a high pitched voice.

Although Esteban floats through a bunch of different communities, he passionately researches issues revolving around mental health in younger age groups. Although there has been an increase in awareness, nothing has dramatically reduced rates yet. He knows that the resolution isn't through heavy medication, but rather an approach towards emotional intelligence so people can truly identify and control their emotions.


- AP English Student of the Year (2018)

- Contracted to install 40 foot long display for Sex Trafficking Awareness in Santa Clara (2018)

- Collaborated with Future Coalition to document the Climate Strike in San Francisco (Oct, 2019)

- Assisted with Rent Relief for Immigrants during Covid-19 initiative through offering FaceTime Photoshoots and donating proceeds (2020)

Social media profiles

Instagram: @ejr650

Portfolio: www.ejrthephotog.com