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Esteban Hernandez
School (Cohort)
Utah Valley University (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Electrical Engineering
United States of America


Esteban Hernandez is a driven innovator, student, and businessman. Currently studying Business Management at Utah Valley University, Esteban loves learning about new systems, technologies, and principles that allow him to expand his problem-solving capabilities. Esteban is happily married to his best friend and is the father of two beautiful children. A fan of 80's movies and culture, Esteban also loves synthwave, R&B music, video games, drone racing, and the outdoors.

After having immigrated to the United States from Chile at a young age, Esteban was taught that hard work, dedication, and faith will be able to create long-lasting success for himself and for his family. With this in mind, Esteban has started several businesses, ranging from video game and software development to innovative Chilean-inspired hot dogs. After working as a software engineer for several years, Esteban co-founded and was the COO of Auverity, a health startup based in Lehi, Utah that developed a Covid-19 management platform for enterprise businesses and governments. Currently, Esteban operates Aviodrone Robotics: a robotics research and aerial drone services company based in Utah.

Recently, Esteban became the president of the ECE Robotics Club at UVU, and strives to create an engaging learning environment where students of all disciplines can gain valuable experience and knowledge of robotics and ECE principles. He is also involved with the Entrepreneurship Institute at UVU and enjoys providing solutions and insights to many fellow student entrepreneurs.

Overall, Esteban loves creating new solutions, systems, experiences, and technologies. He is incapable of being content without having at least two projects running at a time and loves finding opportunities to help others as well. His current interests lie in hybrid drone technology, miniaturized water electrolysis systems, and automated farming.


  • Served a two-year volunteer service mission for his church.
  • Taught himself programming and art and self-produced a commercially available PC video game, Creo God Simulator—a city building/resource management game where the player is a deity.
  • Co-founded and was COO of Auverity, a health startup that created a Covid-19 management platform for enterprise businesses and governments.
  • Created Max's Marvelous Dogs, a Chilean-inspired hot dog truck with 80's and synthwave branding.
  • Can proudly say he was able to actually profit during the cryptocurrency bubble of 2021.
  • Founded Aviodrone Robotics, a robotics research and aerial drone services company.
  • Gained his Part 107 commercial drone pilot's license.

Social media profiles

LinkedIn - Esteban Hernandez

Instagram - _8BitBento_

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