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Elizabeth Gallagher is a University Innovation Fellows and an undergraduate student at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.Her focuses Civil Engineering with a focus in Environmental Engineering and Water Management. Elizabeth is originally from St. Louis, MO. She lived there until 2013, thereafter she moved to Milwaukee for a job following her receiving her business degree. After falling in love with Milwaukee, she decided to return to school for a degree in Civil Engineering to change how human affect their environment. It was at UWM where she was introduced to University Innovation Fellows by one of her professors.

At UWM, Elizabeth is involved in Associated General Contractors and Engineers Without Borders. On the local level she is involved with Plastic Free MKE and American Society of Civil Engineers. She works at the locally owned Camp Bar on the weekends until she finds either a co-op or internship with an Engineering firm.

Elizabeth has always been a nature lover. If she is not in class or working, she is either on a hike with her family and dogs in tow, or in her garden. This summer Elizabeth built a hydroponics vegetable garden and is working to expand it into an aquaponics garden. Ultimately, Elizabeth wants to change how food is grown to minimize pesticides and reduce water consumption. She wants food to be easy for single families to grow at a low cost to reduce food deserts.

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