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Elena Miyasato is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate studying BioSystems Engineering with a sustainability minor at Clemson University. Her focus is in the bioprocessing area with an interest in the development of biological materials and renewable resources as an energy source. When not in the classroom, she can be found outside playing ultimate frisbee or soccer, backpacking, or sailing.

Born and raised in Cincinnati OH, Elena discovered an interest in making things while in high school before venturing to Clemson, South Carolina. Back in Cincinnati, she learned to innovate in a makerspace like environment where 3D printers were accessible to the curious students and the student body's creativity, and design was not only encourage on a large scale but also well exhibited and shared among each other on a daily basis. This led her to understand the value of innovation and creativity in education and motivates her to share the same sort of opportunities with students now in Clemson and the wider world.

"When I grow up, I want to tell stories that answer questions that have not yet been asked. I believe there are people like me who crave to change the world. Now it is time to meet them. Let's make this society more sustainable: socially, economically, and environmentally. You might find me sailing, playing soccer or ultimate frisbee, or backpacking through the american wilderness. LNT. Adventure daringly. Aspire nobly. Serve humbly. But most importantly, you are a star."

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