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Eric Thorson Headshot.jpg
Eric Thorson

Eric Thorson is a University Innovation Fellow and is Junior at Colorado State University. He is currently studying a double concentration in Marketing and Management. Eric is part of the CSU's very first University Innovation Fellows cohort. Eric is originally from Centennial, Colorado, where he lived his whole life until moving up to Fort Collins to attend college. 

At Colorado State University, Eric is involved with the College of Business through the Dean's Student Leadership Council and the COB mentoring program. In addition, he worked for the University as the Institue for Entrepreneurship Student Coordinator. In his spare time, he likes to play guitar, practice landscape photography, weight train, and run a startup. 

Since the beginning of Highschool, Eric had a passion for entrepreneurship. He started his own lawn mowing company at 14, and grew the business to 35 lawns per week by the end of high school, 4 years later. Eric was also a long time member in the Boy Scouts of America and has received his Eagle Scout rank. He was also very involved in sports, playing Lacrosse, tennis, and wrestling in high school. Eric's passions, goals, and diverse background of skills and experiences continue driving him to push the boundaries of what's possible.