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2019 CSU Group:

Venture to Improve Residence Halls (Tracey Trickey): The majority of CSU's Residence Halls are old and very inaccessible to students with disabilities. This inaccessibility makes those students feel ostracized and unwelcome. All residence halls need to be retrofitted or designed with elevators and automated door openers so that differentially able students are not confined to the first floor. New buildings should be designed with not only ADA federal requirements, but Universal Design. Universal design is inclusive design that caters to ALL regardless of age, ability, sex, race or other. Stereotypes need to be challenged - not all disabled people need wheelchairs. Further education and awareness of differentially able students should be implemented so that all students can thrive. 

Upperclassman mentor/panel (RK Hancock IV): First year students will be given the opportunity to get in touch with upperclassman in their same department to build authentic relationships where the mentors can give relevant guidance about any topics, big or small, that the first years have. 

Peer Mentorship Program (Trenton Beeh): A big problem I have seen and heard is that there is a disconnection between class levels and students in the same major connecting with one another. School work is challenging, but there is an easier way to be successful. The idea I propose is to have an Upperclassmen/Peer Mentorship Program that focuses on quickly getting younger students to adapt to new semesters.

Major Exploration Program: (Dylan Frost): I realized early on in my college career that thousands of students at CSU and frankly around the country don't know why they’re in college or what they want to do here. I want to create a major exploration program that analyzes the student and helps guides them into finding a major that best suits them.

2018 CSU Group:

Cross-Disciplinary Collaborative Makerspace (Annaliese Cole-Weiss): Steps to achieve goal - Physical Meeting Space Faculty Advisor Variety of Technology/Equipment Materials Art/Office Supplies Funding Course/Usage Fee Assessment Training Program Membership Program Support from CSU Student/Faculty Awareness

Hack-A-Thon (Nicholas Hahn): Steps to achieve goal -  Meet-Up Location Date and Time Richardson Design Center Approval Faculty/Administration Representation Materials for Brainstorming (Paper, Markers, etc.) Technology/Equipment (Computers, Projectors, etc.) Guest Speakers, Lectures, Brainstorming Sessions, Panels Competitions Advertisements Refreshments

Incoming Freshman/Transfer Student Outreach Program (Alonzo Alcocer): Steps to achieve goal - Voluntary Program Leaders Communication with Freshman Advisors/Advocates Designed Seminar Curriculum/Presentations Meeting spaces in freshman dorms RamWelcome Orientation Booths in plaza Seminar scheduling Mentoring programs Materials (pen, paper)

Innovation Club (Eric Thorson): Steps to achieve goal - Physical Meeting Space (Makerspace?) Access to Makerspace/Equipment Access to Technological Resources Elected President and Board Members Faculty Advisor Support from CSU Student Organizations Funding/Student Fees Mission Statement Social Media Presence Club Following/Participation