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Serving as UIF Since: Fall 2017 Cohort

Picture: March 2023 SVM Meetup

School: Aditya Engineering College

Current Occupation: Hackathon Director for the National MedTech Foundation

Role Description: The National MedTech Foundation is a non-profit committed to driving advancements in medical technology through collaboration among students and early-career professionals across various disciplines. Dinesh's goal is to foster innovation in MedTech through educational programmes, hackathons, research, and industry partnerships. He is committed to orchestrating impactful experiences that unite diverse talents and drive revolutionary solutions. In his capacity, Dinesh leads strategic planning and execution, ensuring seamless coordination among teams and stakeholders to deliver high-impact hackathons that spark meaningful change. From forging partnerships with industry leaders to mentoring aspiring innovators, Dinesh is dedicated to fostering environments that empower individuals to push boundaries and fulfil their potential.

Contact him about: Medical Education Programme in the UK, MedTech, building a culture and community, teaching design thinking in engineering, interdisciplinary majors, living abroad experiences, empathy, spirituality, or engaging in exciting conversations.

Please feel free to contact Dinesh via email at durgadineshchintapalli@gmail.com

Dinesh's academic journey includes completing a master's in business from the Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise, England. With extensive experience as a Medical Education Programme Coordinator, he actively supports the operational delivery of medical education programmes in Oxoford. During his MBA studies, Dinesh assumed various managerial roles, gaining valuable experience in administration, accounting, and HR over the course of two years. With a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Dinesh engaged in research focused on addressing the latency issue inherent in the CORDIC algorithm, a widely used algorithm in Digital Signal Processing computing elementary functions. By proposing the utilisation of the Angle Recording Method, his project aimed to reduce latency and enhance accuracy, particularly in generating sine and cosine functions within a low-latency CORDIC architecture.

Dinesh has also been involved in numerous projects related to Embedded Systems. Notably, he led the innovation team for the Sieger Pro Karting Innovation Championship, where he developed a mobile-based Kart monitoring and controlling system using the Internet of Things (IoT). In addition, he contributed to the development of an automated irrigation monitoring system using the Arduino IDE. Dinesh's expertise spans both the technical background and the domains of design thinking and business, enabling him to bridge gaps in medical education programs by integrating technology to address health inequalities and improve healthcare outcomes.

As a University Innovation Fellow, Dinesh collaborated with key stakeholders on campus to identify and address the needs of students. His team focused on improving learning outcomes and fostering a sense of community among students from various engineering backgrounds. By co-hosting, design thinking workshops for students and faculty, Dinesh facilitated multidisciplinary collaboration, leading to the creation of an Incubation Centre on campus. Recognising a lack of an innovation ecosystem, he co-organised design thinking workshops for students interested in startups and entrepreneurship, resulting in the generation of more than 15 credible startup ideas and the establishment of a vibrant culture of innovation and entrepreneurship on campus. Dinesh's commitment to professional growth extends beyond his academic pursuits. As a University Innovation Fellow, he received comprehensive training and attended the Eastern Hemisphere meetup in Bangalore, India, and the European meetup at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. Dinesh actively contributed to the University Innovation Fellows community by serving as a Fab at the March 2023 Silicon Valley meetup hosted at Stanford University. These experiences as a University Innovation Fellow provided Dinesh with valuable insights into fostering innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship within higher education institutions.

Outside of his academic and professional pursuits, Dinesh cultivates a deep passion for travel, immersing himself in diverse cultures and relishing the flavours of various cuisines. Currently residing and working in Oxford, he actively engages in activities that promote health and well-being, participating in Park runs and cycling during weekends. Dinesh's fervour for public speaking led him to the esteemed position of Vice President at the Oxford Speakers Club, where he refines his communication skills and encourages others to excel in the art of oration. Furthermore, he dedicates his time and energy to making a positive impact on society by volunteering for local charities such as the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK, actively contributing to their noble causes.

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